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  • Hi all, I’m using the K2 0.9.5 theme with WP2.1. People at the K2 forum haven’t been very helpful so far, so I was hoping that you could help me out.

    I have one category called “links” in my blogroll, which is the only one with descriptions. In the previous version of WP, the description would show up next to the link. Now, it merely shows upon mouseover, which I’m not very happy about. Is there any way I can fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I noticed this as well in the 2.1 release. There was an option in the previous version that allowed for the descriptions to be shown next to the name but that seems to have gone away with this release.

    Can anyone comment on whether this is possible with 2.1 or how to make it possible? This is one of the reasons I’m waiting to upgrade.

    I’m looking for an a way to fix this aswell.

    Any solutions here? 🙁 Same prob…

    I’d also love to know how to do this. Rather than having a blogroll on the side, I’m using the Blogroll script to drive an independent link page. I’d like the layout to work like this:

  • Link Name 1: Link Description 1
  • Link Name 2: Link Description 2
  • Link Name 3: Link Description 3

Does anybody know if there’s a way to let PHP call up the link descriptions? I believe it would have to be inserted within or near this code, which can be placed in whichever section you want your blogroll to appear:
<?php get_links(-1, '<li>', '</li>', '', FALSE, 'name', FALSE, FALSE, -1, FALSE); ?>
I’ve tried a few hands-on experiments, a few Google searches, but all I get are errors.

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This would do that sort of thing:
wp_list_bookmarks('show_description=1&between= : ');

Thanks, Otto! This works perfectly. You can see it in action on this page.

I’ll recap for others looking for help:
I’m running a plug-in called Exec-PHP, which lets you use PHP code in your posts and pages. I’ve inserted this code into the page called Outside: <?php wp_list_bookmarks('show_description=1&between=: '); ?>

Then, using the Blogroll tool in WordPress admin, I can add links and descriptions to whatever category I like. In my case, there are three: Friends, Heroes and Tools. This makes for a very easy to way to manage a blogroll in a way that looks like a static links oage.

Installed Exec PHP. I can’t find the page called “outside” – is this a PHP file? which folder?

Keen to get my descriptions showing again. Quite annoying that it went <kapoof> upon upgrading to 2.1.

Hey akaracquel: “Outside” is just a new page I created by doing Write –> Page. You can insert the PHP code Otto42 and I mentioned on any page you like.

Hi all, I was just looking for a resolution for this issue. I am using the sidebar widgets plugin, so this may not be relevant but I managed to get descriptions showing up in my sidebar just fine.

In widgets.php I edited line 710 to read:

wp_list_bookmarks(array('title_before'=>$before_title, 'title_after'=>$after_title, 'show_description'=>$after_title));

This happily displayed the description outside of the <a> element in the

After this I realised that the output could do with a after the link title, so I went into bookmark-template.php in wp-includes and edited line 250 to read:

'after' => '</li>', 'between' => "");

I am not sure how this would be achieved without using the sidebar widgets plugin. I suppose the sidebar.php of your theme folder would need to be edited in some way. But sure get the sidebar widgets anyway!

This is exactly what I’m looking for! But I need to take things a step furhter. Is there a way to break out each separate Blogroll category into separate pages? Right now it lists all 3 (like your example, fruitvale: Friends, Heroes and Tools) on one page. What if you wanted a separate page just listing Friends, another page just listing Heroes and a 3rd just listing Tools?

Is that doable?


Something like that, each on its own page?

Thanks, raptor. Yeah, I’m learning as I go along here. I used category=7 instead of the category_name, but I assume I could do it that way too.

I’ve got what seems like a special version of this problem. Because I’m using a theme that isn’t natively sidebar-enabled (here) I had to use the workaround described here. I use the dynamic_sidebar/register_sidebar calls, so I don’t have a sidebar.php file to edit. (OK, not strictly true; I have one bumming around in wp-admin, but it doesn’t have the terms “php_” or “description” in it, and in any event I’m leery of editing it directly.) Any ideas? I can’t even figure out how/where dynamic_sidebar is called, and when I tried the obvious dumb thing of passing a ‘show_description’ argument with a value of 1 to register_sidebar, the site belched (that is, looked horrible and still did not print link descriptions).

To be clear, what I’m looking to accomplish is not special. I just want descriptions by the links in my blogroll.

Thanks in advance…

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