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  • I finally got WordPress installed on my site and running OK (though there are still occasional difficulties with uploading images), but there’s one thing I can’t get it to do.

    Under “Options,” in the descriptor line beneath the page title, I want a two-line entry. I’ve used the <br> code and several variants of that with a /, since WP seems to insert its own slashes into code. No go. The closest I’ve come is inserting a bunch of non-breaking spaces, but those don’t work well at all. What do I need to do to make this work?

    Page is at

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • That question should be firected to the <Forum.

    This forum is for blogs hosted by WP only.

    EDIT Cute… you did, 3 minutes before asking the same question here.

    It didn’t work did it?

    These solutions were offered in a thread I can’t find right now, I had copied them to file. Only problem is I’m no longer sure what the numbers in them refer to! I *think* Kafkaesquí was the one who provided the original info, maybe if he drops by he can shed some further light….

    echo substr_replace(get_bloginfo('name'), '<br />', 12, 0);

    echo substr_replace(get_bloginfo('description'), '<br />', 12, 0);

    The top one pertains to the blog name, the bottom one to the descripton (AKA “tagline” sometimes….)

    I *think* Kafkaesquí was the one who provided the original info

    I don’t think that one got indexed by Google.

    (Another mark in the “let’s fix search” column.)

    Yup, that would be the critter. I bookmarked it this time.

    To the OP, please follow Kafkaesquí’s link above, for the original post, and what it is about the numbers!

    Kafkaesqui and vkaryl, thank you for that code… unfortunately, I’m pretty much a rank beginner and have no idea where to put it. I do understand about changing the numbers to the number of characters after which you want the <br> to occur, though. Do you have to edit the stylesheet and put it somewhere?

    Marc, you give me too much credit. I thought I’d only posted it once; no clue how I managed to do it twice. 🙂

    Goes in your header.php, should see some similar lines in there calling the blog name and blog description.

    empress (never thought I’d refer to someone that way), you’d replace anything of this sort:

    <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

    <?php bloginfo('description'); ?>

    with the code vkaryl points out. Unless the theme is doing something unusual to display blog title/description.

    Thank you, Kafkaesqui & vkaryl. You rock!
    Scary thing is, I even have a glimmer of understanding the solution.

    Now the question is, is it a hack, or is it elegant?

    Only the hairdresser knows…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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