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  • Hey gang, I am using a the NattyWP – Delicate theme. the site is

    I would like to remove each page title… for example… click on “&coupon” and you will see “welcome to saving some bucks” at the head of the page. each page has its own title. I would like to remove this so I can create an image for each page as a header title.


    btw. what are tags and how do they work

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  • In style.css look for this code around line 169

    .singlepage .post .title h2 {



    Hey ‘patel, Worked like a charm!


    Great You are welcome

    I just need a little help please!! check out my page i am trying to clean up my landing page. I have posted a few times to this forum but have not gotten any responses.

    I am using the latest wp version 3.0.5
    just want to get rid of the no categories text on the landing page, any other tips greatly appreciated.

    Mike Mehsikomer
    e mail: mikem at quantumgo dot com
    website http://www.quantumgo dot com

    @quantummike Look for this code in style.css line 34

    #nav {



    govpatel, I have another questions, if i may.

    I am working on
    In the same line as the menu links was a search bar. I deleted the contents of the search bar in the search.php. However the frame work is still there so the menu does not stretch across the whole top.

    and advice?

    Works great thank you you are a WP genius!!

    Has this theme got theme options where you can make changes as I see core.css file.

    @quantummike you are welcome

    by the way, I am using Pagelines 1.1.3 by Platform (not the pro version)

    Yes… it is someone limited… for example. I can choose the layout style and there is a field where I change the dimensions of the body, footer, etc. but those fields are ghosted out. I does ask If I want to purchase the Pro theme… Im wondering if this is why Im limited.

    I believe there is an area where I can upload settings….

    so me of this themes have css file created dinamaticly by settings in theme options so without looking at how the theme is designed it will hard know where to make the change.

    Hey govpatel! I ended up getting a new theme. the good old “twenty ten”
    however i am experiencing some what the same issue.

    I removed the “tag line” and “site title” from the top of the site. However, the spacing is still there, I would like to remove that so i can tuck the header up to the top of the page.

    Thanks again !

    It recommended that all changes in to be made in twenty ten child theme.

    copy this code in child theme style.css and make a change.

    #header {
    padding:30px 0 0;


    change 30px to 0 or any number you wish for padding.

    Ok guys, Got a new one. I am using the twenty ten theme again for

    I would like to remove the page titles from it aswell,

    Any tips on that one?

    Thanks again guys!

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