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  • Michael


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    these are possibly hardcoded ‘spaceholders’ for the sidebar;

    try moving widgets of your choice into the widget areas – dashboard – apearance – widgets;

    or edit sidebar.php of your theme and physically remove the code of the meta, archives, and category lists.

    if this is not it, please post more details including a link to your site to illustrate your problem.

    Thanks –

    It is not a widget –
    Please refer to the bottom of the webpage. ‘Subscribe’ and ‘archives’ I want gone, please.

    Did you check in the widget area for “Footer” ? You may have something here.

    Please also give us more details (theme, address if you can..)



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    Please refer to the bottom of the webpage.

    what website?

    you haven’t posted any link.

    start by posting more details about your site; such as a link, and teh name of your theme.

    the link is

    the theme is black forest



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    as you seem to be using ‘black label’ by themeforest, please contact them for support.

    commercial themes are not supported by this forum.

    I have done – do you know what I can do if they do not respond?



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    apart from being persistent, there is probably not much you can do if the theme’s seller or author do not respond.

    unfortunately, nobody here can help checking the coding of your theme because there is no free download;

    however generally, some widget areas might be filled with default content, unless there are real widgets in the area.

    have you checked if your theme has a footer widget area (dashboard – appearance – widgets) and if this is empty, try dragging a textwidget or any other widget of your choice into the area.

    ‘meta’ and ‘categories’ seem to be gone – anything you managed to do there?

    or have you checked the coding of footer.php of your theme?

    Thanks – have tried new widgets in the area now – just waiting to see if that works. Sometimes changes can take a couple of minutes.
    Thanks again,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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