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  • I have used Hostgator Fantastico to get my wordpress blog , but when I
    go to page I get this:

    Hello world!
    June 10th, 2009

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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    How do I get the normal wordpress dashboard page?

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  • Click on the “Log in” link under Meta; use the username/password details you received after the Fantastico installation was completed.

    That should get you into your blog’s dashboard.

    Thanks for your answer,but when I click on “Log in” as you say it just opens another tab with the same page.

    I’m not sure if this will help you or not (considering I’ve been working with WP for 5 days now)… But, try accessing your dashboard directly.

    So, let’s say your blog address is …

    Then your admin dashboard would likely be at …

    See if that works.

    Thanks for reply, but that didn’t work either

    I’m having the same issue – I figure something went wonky during installation, but since it was my first attempt at using WordPress as a CMS I didn’t know there was *supposed* to be a workable dashboard until I saw someone else’s.

    We’re getting the content, but it’s as if it’s a web page with a missing style sheet.

    Sounds like a botched up installation, never use fantastico or any one click install scripts.

    read this: The dangers of one click wordpress installation

    ZGani, thanks for the [scary] info – I didn’t use Fantastico, I went through WordPress’s directions, but ended up with the same result.

    So how do I fix this without losing all the design work I’ve done for CMS page? Do I copy my custom theme folder someplace, uninstall WordPress, reinstall WordPress and hope it works this time, then move my custom theme back in and hope the new blog configuration finds it?

    Yes save your theme on your desktop.

    But before deleting your installation try some of the work around to resolve the problem and leave deletion as a last result.

    Using your ftp navigate to wp-content donwload both your themes and plugins folder. Once you are satisfied that all files are downloaded correctly, delete both folders and re-upload the original ones from the wordpress core files.

    Now test to see if you have access to your admin. If not then upload the wp-admin and wp-includes folders overwritting the ones you have on the server. Test once again, if all’s ok then re-upload your original theme and test again.

    Should there be no problem with the theme, proceed with the plugins. Uploading one at a time, activating and checking that your blog front end and admin are still functional. If you hit a snag again just access your ftp and delete the problematic plugin.

    Hopefully this will have resolved the issues – if not the am afraid you have to go for the last option of deleting all of the core files and re-installing afresh! – preserving your wp-config.php ofcourse.

    Good luck.

    I heart you ZGani! Thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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