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  • PeterTwohig


    I followed the ‘simple’ directions to set up my blog and suddenly it appeared on the internet WHERE I DO NOT WANT IT TO APPEAR! because I am still working on it. Let’s be clear about a few things: 1. It took me weeks to get this far, and I have almost no technical understanding. 2. I want the website down asap, because it is an embarrassment to me in its current state.
    I can hardly believe WP would let me put up a blog without telling me how to undo it. Perhaps I missed something.
    I would appreciate any help, excluding telling to insert this or download that, and so on, and that means little to me.

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  • mgmgrand


    Delete the folder off the server?

    I hope your not pulling our strings? My uncle likes me to pull his finger so he can fart. J/K

    Do you mean your blog post is showing and you don’t want it too yet? You can save drafts..

    have fun!!



    Thanks, mgmgrand. Thank God somewhere got my message.

    Looks like I have not used the correct terminology. I’ll start again. I went to Justhost and got a domain name, then used their ‘simple’ procedure to make a website using WordPress. I had no intention of putting a website on the internet until it was ready. But I did anyway, without even knowing how. Now I want it to be removed from the internet, so no one can see it until it is ready. Though I appreciate you telling me to delete the folder off the server, that means nothing to me.



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    Well, you can’t build a site on the internet and “remove it from the internet” at the same time. You have two choices.

    The easy way: Go to Settings/Privacy in your admin panel and select “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors.” Then, install and activate this plugin:

    The hard way: Delete the files and database from your hosting provider. Then, setup a local server environment and install WordPress on your PC. When you’re already to go, move WordPress back to your hosting provider.



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    To be fair, so long as you don’t link off to your site, noone will know it’s there anyway. So just don’t, for example, link to it in your forum profile.



    There should be an option where you installed it to remove it. If you used Fantastico to install the wordpress script onto the server then just click on the wordpress install link inside Fantastico. And you should see an optiob toremove it off to the right of your current install that you want to remove. I know that your web hosting company probably has that new custom script installer, just ask them to remove the wordpress script for you if you need some time to figure stuff out, just submit a ticket to them.



    Perhaps I missed something.

    Yes you did. You missed the fact that that’s how blogs work. You set them up and there they are on the internet! What did you expect to happen? Where else would it be? Is this a joke?

    I can hardly believe WP would let me put up a blog without telling me how to undo it.

    Why would you… you can’t… how… never mind. I’m just gonna say SIGH and LMAO and then I’m gonna go slam my head into a wall for a couple three hours or so.

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