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  • I am really new – sorry. I was looking at the themes to see if I wanted to change to something else and it changed my header. I did not save when I was looking at them. Now I can’t get my origianl custom header back. Any help here? C

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  • Gosh, that’s a new one. Did you clear your browser cache and hard refresh?

    Ok this is how new I am to this. How do I clear my cache? And is hard refresh typing in the url new?

    Ah…. Okay. No, to clear the browser cache…. what browser? Let’s start there, ‘kay?

    I have IE

    Okay. In the Tools menu (top of browser IE6; right side of browser IE7), select Internet Options.

    [This is taking me a long time, because I don’t use IE though I have numerous versions, so I have to look at both 6 and 7 to see where stuff is….]

    On the screen that opens, you’ll see [IE6] Temporary Internet Files or [IE7] Browsing History. Both offer a Delete button, IE6 Delete Files; IE7 Delete which when clicked offers another menu.

    IE6: click the button, click OK. IE7: click the button, click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files.

    Once that’s done, close the browser window. Reopen the browser. Load the page. Then hold down the CTRL key while you hit the F5 key.

    Yes I did that but the orignal header doesn’t come back. Will I need to reload the .jpg into the header?

    Well, that would be my next move, if this were me. Alternatively, just re-upload the entire theme folder if you haven’t made any changes.

    Ok I will try that. Thanks so much. I really thought this stuff would be easier. I had worked with another website and it was really easy. This one is way over my head. I will be reading diretions alot and taking a class I guess.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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