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  • My old blog is

    My new blog is

    Last month, I basically switched from to, then imported everything from the old blog to the new blog.

    Because WordPress does not allow me to redirect traffic from my old blog to my new blog, I just put a final post up sending people to the new blog.

    But if you google “carlos miller” the old blog ranks way higher than the new blog. The same thing goes if you google key words on any of the topics I had written about, even though those same posts are on my new blog.

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  • I could be wrong but doesn’t Google frown on “duplicate content” because it thinks it is stollen from the original site? If that is the case you would be far better off deleting the old content.

    Yes, I ended up deleting all the posts from the old blog except one. I also removed it from the search engines.

    I “stuffed up” an update to my “” web site and Google results now shoe 404 not found. The irony is it comes up on other search engines OK. I contacted Google help site and they gave me a code to put in the top of my source code to fix things … but no go. Google is a default search engine in the home page.

    How did you remove it from the search engines ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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