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  • I have tried to add an excerpt to some of my posts, believing that this would show up in the rss feed. It doesn’t. So apparently it seems that I have to access this feature through a template tag, which I don’t know where to put. What I want is to have it show up in the RSS feed and not at the top of each post or anything like that. How do I do that then? (and why isn’t there an excerpt field when I write the post? It seems like going back to edit it is less practical than adding an excerpt right away. Or is it an indication that this feature won’t work unless I manually code it in somewhere?)

    I also have two other things I’m uncertain about:
    In my RSS ( ) one post has a blue checkmark next to it. I use the Firefox extension Feedview so that may have something to do with it showing as a blue checkmark and not something else. But why is that post singled out? Is something wrong with it?

    And finally: Using pingomatic when posting: Do I need to manually register at all of these sites and then maybe add things to my sidebar in order to make pingomatic work? I am trying to find my posts on Feedster, but they are not there as far as I can tell. So I guess something is wrong.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Ok. Silly me. Figured out that I was looking in the wrong place for a feed. In /rss/ and not /feed/.
    So I think that actually works now.

    Still wondering about pingomatic.

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