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    Hello, Hoping you can help

    I downloaded the wordpress files and had someone install them for me as I coudn’t. Now I’d like to know how I can get the RSS feed so I can subscribe it to my Yahoo feed, to make sure its working.

    Where do I get the feed URL from? The one at the bottom of my blog “feed:” gives an error message when I click on it, and doesnt feed to Yahoo.

    Is this the right URL to feed? If not what is it and how can I get it to show?

    (By the way my blogs URL is

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  • The right URL is without the “feed:” infront of it.

    This post will explain the issue:



    a big “Thank You”. It works!!!

    One last question if you don’t mind, How do I knw if and when the search engines have indexed the blog?


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    How do I knw if and when the search engines have indexed the blog?

    Either wait for your blog to appear in search results, or check your access logs for things like “googlebot” and “msnbot”. Keep in mind that just because a bot visits your blog doesn’t mean that it’s available in search results yet. At the very least it means that you have been added to the approval que.

    What’s up with your blog entries? You’ve got 911 entries all linking to the same “cheap hosting” domain, but the specific url you link to is 404’d? Looks like a linkfarm to me.

    macmanx, thanks. I’ll look in the logs.

    brainwidth, I’m not sure what you mean. I used a program to blog my sites pages, and I guess it didnt work since it seems to have only pulle in half of the URL…oh well back to the drawing board.


    What I mean is that you’ve got nearly 1000 entries, all with junk content, all linking to the same url in a “cheap domain name” linkfarm. Why? Is there some legitimate reason for doing this? Because I can’t see one.

    I get the same thing as brainwidth when I visit your site. All your posts are titled “Purchase A Domain Name Online” and want to go to

    Yes i know what you mean.

    Like I said above, the program that was SUPPOSED to post the CORRECT URLs, did NOT post the correct URLs. Rather, it cut off the ends of the URLs.

    For example it was SUPPOSED TO post
    among many others, but it didn’t. Again, it cut it off after the word “CHeap” and kept repeating itself. The URL has many legit pages on it AFTER the word Cheap. The program did not pick them up.

    Hope that clears it up.

    I understand exactly what you meant to do. I think you do not understand what I mean.

    I can see the url you listed, along with several other very similar urls in this directory. The other files in that directory indicate that whoever set up that site created a linkfarm using Traffic Hurricane, software designed to automatically do exactly that. I can only assume that you are the one that set it up, since the whois info points to you. The cheap domain name website is clearly a link farm, and it appears that you are using WordPress to create a second linkfarm to link to the first. More information on link farms is available at Wikipedia.

    Please read this. The WordPress community does not support spammers.

    Maybe because I dont understand what a “linkfarm” is, I’m not sure what your concern is.

    Bottom line is the posters above have helped me better understand the RSS URL issue and by taking a look at the accidental URL posts, I have a better understanding of what went wrong with the software that posted the wrong URLs which I will be correcting.

    So in a nutshell, I am grateful for the help I have gotten thus far since I’ve learned a couple of new thngs.


    My concern is that you are a spammer. Read the above.

    Edit: Now I see that you have an online book on “internet marketing” which includes a section on “SEO Linking, & Promotion,” so don’t give me that bullshit about not knowing what a linkfarm is.

    Edit 2: Just to remove any doubt that xdhirax is a spammer and trying to construct a link farm, here are two more links: (1) Dhira participating in a thread about various link farm generators, including Blogging Equalizer; and (2) Dhira participating in a thread about using WordPress to set up an site for the sole purpose of generating ad dollars.

    Brainwidth, as you probably already know, there’s an entire industry that revolves around using blogs, link farms (scraper sites), ‘blog-n-ping’ software and Google Adsense. Some of these people who walked into one of the forums and saw everyone talking about these tactics think this is the norm in the internet marketing world and simply don’t know any better. It’s a sad, sad world for these people.

    I can research, write and publish an article in 2-3 hours, add it to one of my niche sites and it makes $5 a day from Adsense, while providing cutting edge info to the readers. These people need to produce a 1000 spam pages and 1000’s of other spam pages linking to them to make that in a week. But that’s all they know how to do.

    And there are thousands of these people.

    This is how they are taught: lie, deceive, spam, plunder, pillage… and don’t get caught. People like Dhira won’t learn though, they’re too hypnotized by the gurus to know any better.

    You’re exactly right, Pauls. It’s sad that these people feel they have to fill up the web with this crap, but it’s also a little funny that in doing so they (1) don’t make much money, (2) ruin their reputation, and (3) provide nothing of value to anybody. They could make much more money in a fraction of the time by researching and writing quality, focused articles for a legitimate niche blog.

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