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  • Hi
    Does anyone know how i could format text nicely on the side of my website (as a widget perhaps) to show a little bit of text nicely?
    I want to display prayer times for an upcoming day of prayer, and order of services.

    Does anyone know of the right way to do this ?
    Thanks so much in advance

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  • esmi


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    It really depends upon what you mean by “format text nicely”. This kind of issue is normally addressed by editing your theme’s CSS as appropriate.

    hi thanks for replying
    what i mean by this, is i wanted an area, that any editor for the site can go in, and alter the prayer times from week to week,

    Sunday July 25
    Morning : 10:00 AM

    and then the following week to change that again..

    what would the best way be?

    depends on your theme and whatever widgets you are using.
    I use wp_ads plugin to add widgets on one of my blogs that has a theme with no widgets supplied. I then have to add that to my sidebar or my footer php file.
    suggest you check documentation for WordPress and check out plugins.

    as well as child themes.
    oh, here’s an idea. use a special twitter account, and a twitter feed widget with just one post shown. then all you have to do is change the twitter post and it will automatically show up.

    ok, the wpads plugin seems to be for ads, not some kind of wysiwyg plugin

    The twitter idea also does not suit me, my message might be a little longer than that
    Plus also need some formatting, new line, capitals, color etc..
    Something like a wysiwyg plugin that allows you to edit a space on your side bar would be perfect.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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