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    Hi everyone,

    firstly, I´m a pure newbie, so please try to explain everything to me like I´m 5 years old.

    So! My website is here:
    I use the Swift theme and as you can notice, there is a gap between menu and the drop-down. How can i fix it?

    I already went through forums discussing the same problem. The thing is, they all referred to the #access code in style.css. However, I dont see anything like that in my style.css.

    Perhaps I´m missing something absolutely basic, so feel free to make idiot out of me, but I really don´t know where to look anymore.

    Thanks for all the response,

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Where did you get that theme from?

    I am unfortunately not sure – I wasnt present at the process of making the website. We got it “pre-arranged” from someone else, if I recall correctly. I can ask, if needed.
    We are a non-profit organzation, so maybe we got a special offer or something…

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Please identify your theme on WordPress’ theme repository for us to help.

    The only result I got is this one. However, our version is not “basic”, but “full”. If you need to know more about Swift, its webpage is here.

    I googled and a got mayn results of the same problem with solutions, but only for the common free version. Code in Swift looks different and I as a wordpress noob dont know what to do…

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You may be better posting on Swift theme’s forums

    I would do that if I could. Unfortunately, to post at that forum, I would have to be a member who bought the theme, otherwise it redirects me to a paypal site to buy it…

    Add this to user CSS
    .navigation li ul{top:24px important}

    This version of Swift is no longer supported, you should upgrade to the latest free version ( Swift Basic ) or the the premium version which are more advanced.

    Please note that will loose your customization ( Though you dont have much except for the logo )if you choose the latest version.

    Support for the free version is available here
    [Moderator note: Link corrupted, please repost]

    its called custom CSS in your version.

    Oh thank you! I will try this as soon as I get home.

    So I tried it and the result is still the same, nothing has changed. Did I do something wrong? I have no idea what is still causing this problem.

    Hi Satih,

    just wanted to let you know that I noticed a small mistake in the code and now it works perfectly! Thank you for your support.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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