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  • Hey Fresh

    i dont really see what you mean by 2 excerpts. Are you talking about the ‘Recently’ section?

    Your question comes at a good time. I have been trying to get the same thing to happen, and have gone through so many different means to make it work. Still havent found the means that I like just yet.
    take a look –

    I am using the-excerpt-reloaded along with a multiple loop. So on the second loop, I am calling a file called post2.php that has the the-excerpt-reloaded tag in place of the content.
    To me, this seems far too bulky and heavy of a process. I know that it can be done easier.

    Take a look at this.
    Chris J Davis has always been good at finding light and clean ways of handling requests to the DB. This post here looks awesome – Rolling your own excerpts. Sounds great, but good luck getting it to work. It was over my head. I have picked that thing apart so many times, and cant get it functioning.
    So I am still looking..

    It would be really nice if this were in a plugin. Maybe one day soon, I will learn how to write plugins.

    Let me know if this helps ny at all, or if you have any better answers.

    thanks ill check it out

    Did you get anywhere with that? I am still looking myself. I think it would help if we combined our efforts, or atleast discussed this more.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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