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  • I have tried to click the checkbox in the Users > Discussions > “Users must be registered and logged in to comment ” and this doesn’t work as I expected it to. Under a posting, you see a Login button, which then just takes you to the standard WP Admin login…

    What I thought I’d get was a form, for a user to Register with the usual name/password/email etc…then they’d get an email to opt in.

    Obviously, I was wrong…is this NOT included in WP? Do I need a plugin for this….

    oh, and further, when I click on the Users tab, I see myown account only, how can I then “see” the opted in Registerd users…



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  • Hm…okay, doesn’t appear to be a built in. Not a problem, in that I found Register Plus and have activated same.

    But however, it does not seem to be working? ie I created a Registration page, and it doesn’t appear on same. I tried to find out if it mighta been a widget to add to a sidebar, nope. I looked everywhere for a checkbox to try to “add” this plugin to the site, but no luck.

    A visit to both the author’s site as well as even it’s listing here says all I need to do is to use the Settings to setup same.

    Help here someone pls?


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