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  • Plugin Author danieliser


    @reshampanthExit intent is available via one of our many paid extensions. You can explore more in the Extend menu of your Popup maker dash or via our site

    Hope that helps.

    45$ to enable exit intent?
    Is there no other way to add it?
    45$ for something that is already free in most plugins is too damn high and kills the point of FREE PLUGIN?

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @reshampanth – First I appreciate the feedback. But we are not out to get rich, just to run a sustainable business. Yes other plugins give it away, but we offer much more as a total package value. Our exit intent may be $45 but it will over deliver on the value when coupled with all the other power Popup Maker offers.

    I will also add that we don’t see others as competition, in fact I often troll their forums and answer support topics, or ask bad reviewers to reconsider based on lack of attempts to get support etc. That said they all monetize some facet or feature, for Popup Maker (used to be called Easy Modal) Exit Intent has always been a paid only feature, likely always will or I wouldn’t be able to continue to provide support & updates full time as it constitutes a substantial portion of my income.

    Can you create it yourself, absolutely, Popup Maker is open source, its quite easy to extend and even add custom triggers using our JS methods, and there are ample scripts out there showing how exit intent is done.

    That said, you will have to customize it for each popup separately, more popups more code. And you don’t get features we offer that nobody else does not even our more expensive competitors (false positive detection, hard exit messages, and soon a mobile option for exit intent which is something nobody else has tackled). $45 is nothing if your going to gain 3-5x the subscribers and your site relies on them to make money which is our ideal customer obviously.

    I will also add that there are solutions out there that cost thousands a month for the same thing so price is not as relevant as “Actual” & “Perceived” Value.

    Just to clarify we are not every other free plugin, which you can hopefully tell once you used ours and theirs, as well as looking at our reviews. We give away 90% of the functionality, but we have to make money somehow.

    Hope that helps. Just understand that we want to be here long into the future still adding value, we don’t want it to go dead because we have to go get 9-5 jobs :).

    Hi Daniel,
    Sorry if I was rude yesterday. I am glad you took the time to calmly explain. Your plugin is really great, no doubt. But right now, I won’t be able to spend that amount on just exit intent.
    Hope you do really great!
    Resham Panth

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @reshampanth – Didn’t take it that way so no worries. I understand, about 3 years ago I wouldn’t have been willing to spend $15 on any plugin. Much less buying spending upwards of $3k a year in plugin licenses like I do now. That fluctuates as I redesign each time and get rid of some, add others, but the store alone required ~$1000 just to get it open.

    That said the money is totally worth it, they provide great support etc. I know my money went to make sure it stays that way.

    I completely understand your position as that was me not too long ago. I will add at some point you should read this one our book:

    Once you read that you may change how you look at things, especially how you value / price yourself.

    After that you will realize that $45 is totally a deal when you directly compare it to time spent implementing a custom 1 off solution (2-4 hours dev time * $xx / hr rate).

    So assuming rates similar to my area and being really good coming in at the 2 hour mark. $75 * 2 = $150 you just spent setting up something you could buy for $45. Add to that that any time you want to make changes or add a new popup with exit intent you have to add more time on that clock.

    Starts to make more since to invest in quality stuff once you value your time more 😉

    I feel you, I really do. But right now, for a student in India who’s trying to run a site with his pocket money, 45$ = 45 * 66.60INR = 2996.91INR.
    That number gets a bit big for someone who is not yet earning and is looking for free plugins.
    I am damn sure your plugin is great, and your support is top-notch (Your replies on this thread are a direct proof of how much time you invest in these support), but as I mentioned earlier, I cannot afford this right away.
    But believe me, a few months from now, when I have collected or earned enough money to be able to buy your plugin, I definitely will!
    Thanks for the book, will definitely read it!
    Resham Panth

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @reshampanth – Send me a message at, got a proposition for you.

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