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  • I changed the heading of my blog to read “Old-Time Recipes – Attic Shoppe Antiques (”. I now want to change it, but for the life of me I cannot find where I made the change. I have looked everyplace I can think of. Any ideas? Jeanne

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  • I opened the given URL – but at first this doesn’t seem to be a WordPress-site – and second I don’t see the stated problem anywhere…

    fht – “at first this doesn’t seem to be a WordPress site.”

    It doesn’t pass the smell taste when you look at the page source either. So why are you asking for help from a WP forum on a site generated with a (*cough*) Microsoft theme and zero indications of WordPress anywhere?

    uhm – the question was from jeanne!

    So the question goes out to her 🙂

    The blog is Word Press. I wanted to get more activity at my web site which is I added to the heading for my blog and then realized later that it was a “stupid” thing to do. I was trying to find out where to make the change.

    Since then I have had to reinstall WP so I lost the info anyway. I still would like to know where I can edit the title of my blog.

    Blog is


    Hey I wouldn’t mind the answer to this either…Thanks

    Not sure if this is what you mean but take a look here,
    Admin -> Options -> General -> “Weblog title” field

    I know that it will update the title there, and also update the html link, but at the blog I did I don’t use the blog title field – just the header banner. Here’s a link – I would like to change it so when bookmarked it reads – PaintingChef

    Thanks in advanced!


    One way that you can do that is

    1) to turn the weblog title ON so everything is as it should be; and then
    2) turn off the DISPLAY of the title. You can do that by commenting out the offending line in the header.php file. The line to look out for, however, is theme dependent. I use Blix and I would comment mine out like that

    <!-- <h1> <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a> </h1> -->

    If you are not sure, just turn ON the weblog title and then view the page source code. The <div id=a_css_name"> should give you a good indication of what to look for in the header.php

    Is this what you are after?


    apologies. Forgot to mention that you should perhaps try this method FIRST – using stylesheets to hide the weblog title (if it is applicable)!

    As before, turn on the weblog title.
    View page source code, find the container tags for the weblog title;
    and then, in the stylesheet, look for that container, comment out the relevant elements and apply display:none; to it. That way, it is still there but won’t display

    header h1{ /* this is only AN EXAMPLE */

    Sorry about all the mess.

    Thanks Soup. I have been trying some of those options and I think it’s just a matter of turning the display on and playing with the CSS to hide it. Appreciate the assistance. = )

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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