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    When I created the forum, there was a great chart that allowed me to check which users (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber) were allowed which permissions (View, Read, Post, Reply, Edit, etc.).

    I’d like to change those a little, but can’t find a place to edit them.

    Also, I’d like to add a second forum in such a way that some of the users don’t know it exists. So, they can’t see it on the screen.


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  • Plugin Author codebycarter


    Hey Bren216,

    To change the actual text of View, Read, Post etc you would need to edit quite a lot of files, unless you translated the plugin (not necessarily to another language, but to how you want the text to be structured, etc) you should be able to do this though I have never done this myself so you may want to ask on the WP support forums for assistance.

    In the premium version of the plugin you will be able to easily edit all the text in one file for those who just want to change the way the text is structured, add/remove any text etc and it will also be easily translated to a different language, too.

    There isn’t a way to hide forums from certain roles yet, but this has been implemented and made much clearer in the premium version. Once it is released, a free version of it will also be available and replace the current plugin (as an update, no manual tinkering will be required).

    I do do custom work, so there’s always that possibility. Since I wanted to rewrite the plugin to make it easier to update and add/remove extensions/sub plugins from, I don’t want to add any new features to the current plugin. I will try my best to fix any bugs however.

    Will mark this as resolved to help keep the support forums clean but you can still reply here if you have any other questions, problems, etc.


    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure I’m understanding your answer. Do you mean to say that there is no way to change the permissions for each role? That the quick decisions I made the first night I played with the plugin are now absolute and final?


    Plugin Author codebycarter



    Sorry, thought you meant you wanted to change the text of the permissions e.g. ‘Edit’ to ‘Editing Perms’ f.e. There isn’t an easy way to change all permissions for a single role, you would have to edit each forum that the role has permissions for. Is that what you were asking?

    OK, if editing each forum is the only way to change the permissions for the roles, that’s fine. Where do I go to edit the permissions for each role? And, why isn’t there a way that I can simply go back to the original chart?

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