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  • Hello. I’m new to WordPress and my experience is really only with HTML. The WordPress install is done and I have posted my first message. Great so far. The problem is at the top of my Connections theme, there is a menu bar that has “Home, About, Archives, Links, Contacts”. I cannot figure out how to edit this so that it will point to the correct thing. Right now when I’m on my home page and I click “about”, nothing happens. In my address bar, a “#” is added to the end of my address and that is about it. This is true for the other menu items as well. I can’t find any html document to edit and the php files don’t seem to be it either, though they must be. What am I missing? I have searched and searched and can find nothing on this.

    The other annoyance is that my tag line at the top of the page is the same as the “About this site”. Not sure how to make them different. They are different in my options. Any and all help appreciated. Thank you for your patience with this newbie.

    Don Pendergraft

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  • For the top nav edit the header.php of the theme.
    For changing the code/text in the sidebar – edit the sidebar.php from the theme folder.

    Oh OK. I think I see how it works now. Thank you very much moshu. I guess I had filled out these other forms during setup, I thought the “About” would point to something that I had already filled out. I think I get it now. Tell if I’m right: create a new page called “about” that you fill out with whatever about yourself, your blog, whatever and then you point the About link on the menu bar to the new page. That’s what I did. I hope that’s right. Of course by so doing, the About page since it’s a page I created appears in the list of pages on the side of the page (if that makes sense).


    Yes, you are on the right track.
    In the top enu you can leave, delete or create links.
    For the Pages displayed in the sidebar:
    a) you can eliminate the whole block, or
    b) use the exclude parameter in the template tag

    OK, I’m off and running! Thank you so much. Very concise, very helpful. Much appreciated.


    Moshu –

    I trying to do the same thing, but with sidebar widgets from “Automatic”. Can you help me with the sidebar code to enable the horizontal list?



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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