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  • I’m just an Average Jane light-weight when it comes to website design. I’m designing a website for my mother and one for myself. I’ve been dabbling for years, but it occurred to me only today that there must be a way to easily locate specific lines of code on my stylesheet. It’s aggravating scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to find one little snippet of code I need to change something. Is there a plugin that adds a search box or something to that effect to the editor? For the professionals out there, surely they’re not doing things the way I’ve been doing them, right?


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  • esmi


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    Firebug for Firefox is the best tool for locating CSS on a live site.

    How are you editing the CSS? Via Appearance -> Editor or downloading it, editing and then re-uploading?

    I would suggest using an FTP client such as Filezilla, download the appropriate CSS file, save an unedited copy, then use Notepad to edit the file…In Notepad there are search (and replace) functions…then upload the edited file.

    Command-F for Macintosh and Crtl-F for Windows should work.

    I prefer my method as it allows to easily revert back if an issue arises…when you edit files in the editor (in the browser), the file is overwritten on the server upon save (and no backup made) and it may prove difficult then to fix an issue right away…

    Holy awesomeness … I do use Firebug but stupidly forgot all about the line number thing on the right. Counting down to that line number, though, in the WordPress editor is annoying. So there isn’t a plugin of some kind that allows this feature?

    But the Command-F for my Mac works like a charm. That will do the trick.




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    What about carry out all of your edits offline and then uploading the amended file to the theme? That way, you can use a text editor with line numbering and it means you have a backup copy in case anything goes pear-shaped.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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