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  • annacoats


    I saw the demo for this page and love it, but how do I download it? When I go to appearance and install themes it doesn’t come up. I’ve been trying for 2 hours to figure out how to download this theme!!!

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    I don’t know if that theme is available for self-hosted WordPress blogs – I see it over at but it isn’t listed in the theme repository, so it may not be an option unless you want to set up a site over at

    Clayton James


    Use an SVN client to checkout/download the theme files.

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    Interesting, Clayton, I didn’t know the .com themes were publicly available. Could there be any issues running a .com theme on a self-hosted site?

    Clayton James


    I’m not sure that any issues that could arise would be significant. I would however, have to assume that themes used on are both severely scrutinized and optimized to conform to their requirements. I would probably expect to occasionally find a theme that might have reduced or slightly different feature functionality than a version of the same theme that might be available elsewhere. Any available updates to the themes would need to be approached a little differently of course, if it’s not being used on a site (and not readily available from

    I am straight up new to WordPress and was wanting to use the “Forever” theme as well. I have read your comments above and do not exactly know what SVN CLient is to download the files inthelink. Is this an advanced function or somehting a newby could handle.

    Hi. I’ve followed these instructions, I downloaded the files with SVN and get it.
    But… I canĀ“t find “Milestone” widget, it’s a important plugin for this Theme. I can’t find it in; I upgraded my (local) site to 3.3.2, but plugin isn’t in worpress files.
    Is there any way to download it, and where from? Thanks.

    @luisgentill: I couldn’t find the Milestone plugin either. I ended up making a clone of it, which I also put up in the WordPress Plugin Directory:

    I too have fallen for forever, only to find I can’t use it on a self hosted site. I have never used svn. How do I download these files?

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    Create your own thread on the issue if you require support. Threads ought to be yours before you’re granted support. This way we can keep track of who’s having which problem easily through each thread.

    Wow. Youtube is amazing!


    This was completely boggling my mind. I am like the above member, and had only heard of svns yesterday.

    Here is a VERY SIMPLE way to use svn with a mac and the link to forever provided without using ANY other apps.

    1) Open Finder
    2) Go to Go on the Bar at the top
    3) Select connect to Server
    4) Paste the URL for the SVN forever files
    5) Select Guest
    6) The file uploads to your computer
    7) In the video it uploads to a neat file that’s compressible, but on my computer it uploaded to a shared file that I couldn’t compress here’s what i did:
    8) I selected all the files in the shared folder, copied and pasted them to a new folder i made on my desktop
    9) then I compressed and uploaded the zip file to wordpress
    and wallah it just uploaded perfectly. I was shocked to see that it was installed properly.



    Hi all. I’m a web developer, I have used svn in the past as my primary version control system, it’s pretty straight forward if you have a knowledge of bash commands, but if you don’t it can be a bit daunting. I used these steps (and ran the following commands) to download the forever theme. This process will download A LOT of different themes to your computer, one of which will be the forever theme. I am on a mac, which comes with svn installed, so if you are using a mac you are probably good to go, otherwise you may have to install svn.

    1) open terminal
    2) you will see the command prompt. any commands you write will be executed.
    3) type the following commands one at a time:
    cd ~/
    mkdir svn
    cd svn
    svn co wordperss_themes
    4) you will see svn downloading a ton of wordpress files into the folder you created called “wordpress_themes”.

    Voila, you now have a ton of free wordpress themes. Thank you wordpress!

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