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    Hey All,

    so I have succesfully set up the ccb integration with our website and have groups syncing to the back end.

    I am not sure how to display them on my website. I am using the DIVI 3.0 theme and am not sure if I need another plugin or if there is something i can do in my current theme.


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  • There are likely several different ways to go about this, but I’ll share mine in case its helpful. What I like about Jared’s plugin is it brings CCB groups into the back end of WP and makes them available as a custom post type but doesnt do anything else. Its not bloated with a lot of other functionality that often limits you on how to present the group info on the front end. For that I turn to Toolset by wp-types. Toolset is a powerful plugin that basically allows you to do php without knowing php. It gives you a GUI interface to accomplish php coding. The Types plugin of the Toolset family creates CPTs, and the Views plugin makes it easy to display CPT content on the front end. In this case, wpccb is creating the CPT already so its doing the work of Types. Toolset “sees” this wpccb-created CPT which means you can use its data in Views.

    So say you have a small groups page built with Divi, and on the page you want to recreate your own version (styled how you like) of CCB’s public group finder, with options to filter by group type, day, location, etc. You would create a View in Toolset that has both the search/filter fields and the search/filter results. Toolset allows you to drop this into your Divi page as a shortcode. Add a or change a group in CCB and its automatically displayed on the front end of your site.

    There is a learning curve with Toolset but once you get the hang of it it is extremely powerful. Sermons, staff, events, etc can all be CPT’s created (Types) and displayed (Views) by Toolset.

    wpccb lets you manage your groups info in CCB and Toolset Views lets you display this any way you like on the front end of your site. And if you change themes you can take this functionality with you, needing only to restyle it to match the new look.

    Plugin Author Jared Cobb


    Joe, thanks for this write up! I’m sure it’ll be helpful to a lot of people.

    Blueoaks/Joe, thank you for that info. As you wrote, I’m not a PHP developer and need to get some sync’d CCB data to display on our church’s site. In my case, I have the events from CCB sync’d to our WordPress site. Our theme has an events system so there is a different Events post type. However, I don’t know how to get the CCB events that are syncing to display as the them events posts.

    How can I do that? With Toolset? Any suggestions what to do in Toolset? I appreciate your help to this non-developer trying to get stuff done that’s “above my pay grade”!


    Hi Greg,
    I think whether or not Toolset can help you depends on whether the CPT created by your events plugin/theme is one that Toolset recognizes. You can install the free Types plugin to find out.
    Since this is off topic of this thread we should communicate elsewhere. Whats the best way to do that?

    Thank you,

    It looks like Toolset recognizes the events but I don’t know what to do from here. In addition, it appears I have to buy a Toolset license. I’m happy to do that if I know it will work and can get it done. Here’s a screenshot from Toolset showing two events CPTs, one is the theme’s events and the other is the events sync’d from CCB.

    You can email me at gregorymattison at gmail dot com if you’d like. I greatly appreciate your assistance! Thanks, Greg

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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