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    I’m using the free Platform theme for my site. I can’t figure out how to have the margins display. I’m using the full page layout, but I know there must be a way to have colored margins on the side. I couldn’t figure out what needed to be changed in the style sheet.

    Basically, I want a black margin of about 120px on each side of the screen. My site is Thanks in advance – I’m really new at this.

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  • Anyone? I know it must be a simple thing I’m overlooking…

    Haven’t used the Platform theme, myself, so I can’t give specific details but… I wonder, have you tried setting the background as black? 120px of black on each side of the screen sounds more like that would work better than setting CSS margins to 120px.

    I have the background set as black, but put the page extends all the way over it – the background color is visible at the bottom, but I cant figure how to get it to display on the sides.

    You have the body #page set to white background. It is on top of your body background color. Perhaps, this is what you are looking for:

    body #page{ background-color: transparent; background: transparent; }
    #page-canvas{width: 980px; background-color: #FFFFFF; }

    Sorry, I’m still having trouble…in the CSS sheet the closest thing I could find to what you wrote is:

    /* Formatting Setup */
    body{ font-size: 87.5%; line-height:1.6em; height:100%; padding-top: 5px; }
    #page, #dynamic-content { min-height: 500px; zoom:1;}
    #page-canvas{ margin: auto; }

    Is there something here I could change to make the margins colored? Thanks for all your help.

    you can try to copy and paste my code into the end of the style sheet file. Hope this will override the existing style:

    body #page{ background-color: transparent; background: transparent; }
    #page-canvas{width: 980px; background-color: #FFFFFF; }

    if it doesn’t work, try this instead: #page{ background-color: transparent; background: transparent; } #page-canvas{width: 980px; background-color: #FFFFFF; }

    The second code worked. Thank you so much – I appreciate your efforts.

    Hi there, I am really new and I also want to add margins to my blog using Platform… Where can I find the CSS sheet??

    Then If I want to add margins in other color other that black I just look up the colour code in Photoshop, for example, and enter it instead of FFFFFF, but how do I also change the colour of the content area (I haven’t decided it yet but it will be other than white)???

    Thanks for your help and also thanks to Peredur, nice site, (I prefear to stick to Platform though because it’s very versatile and I’ve got some weird shaped images for the header).

    In the theme directory. It’s called style.css. Oh! and I see there’s a sub-directory off the main theme directory called ‘css’ that contains a style sheet called ‘common.css’. Some of the styles appear to be in there as well, for this theme.



    Cheers Peredur for all your speedy help!

    Thanks for the code. The second option worked for me. I am using Platform Free. I pasted the following in style.css in /wp-content/themes/platform: #page{ background-color: transparent; background: transparent; } #page-canvas{width: 1120px; background-color: #FFFFFF; }

    This code worked great for the landing page time and time again. However, the formatting does not carry over to other pages such as individual post pages or category pages. I read that these pages sometimes call the dynamic.css in /wp-content/themes/platform/css. I also read that this could be stopped by checking the “inline” box in Pagelines Settings. I tried this to no avail.

    I really could use some help figuring out how to make the style.css changes carry forward or at least be replicated on pages other than the landing page. The test URL is here:

    I still have a ton to do on the site but this margin issue is the only change I am struggling with. Please HELP!!! Thanks in advance:-)

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