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    I have one drop down menu in the navigational bar of my site and I am thinking of adding at least one more. I just want the parent tabs of my menu, when clicked on, to serve as basically a lead-in to the children tabs/categories, and thus, don’t want my parent tabs to link to any pages. Is there any way I can disable my parent tabs so that they don’t take you anywhere when you click on them. I’ve seen other sites do this before so I wanted to know how they do it.

    For reference, my site is:

    Thank you very much for any help.

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    I found the answer to my own question. There are two plug-ins you can used to solve this:

    1) Page Lists Plus
    This helps you tweak your menu through checking and unchecking different options that will allow you to make the parent item in your menu unclickable. I had problems with this at first, because when I tried to unlink the parent item, the whole menu got messed up (if you try you’ll know what I’m talking about). To prevent this, go to your dashboard (of course after you install the plugin), go to the section of your plugin and click on: Settings > Page Lists Plus , and then when you go to that page, in the Global Options section, check the boxes: Unlink Current Page; and Unlink using javascript (this disables links without removing anchor tags, which can affect styling);. After you do this, save your changes, go back to the dashboard, and in the same section of your plugin, uncheck the box under the section, “Link”, and you should be all set. For more info, visit:

    2) WordPress JQuery Dropdown Menu
    This actually creates an entire new menu. For more info on this, visit,

    3) This last option is not a plugin, but if you feel confident enough to tweak your php code, this page provides the code and instructions on how to alter the functions.php file that would enable you to have unclickable parent items in menus. The only thing is that the code works for drop down menus with three items or less. Here’s the site:

    I assume that I never got an answer because nobody knew what it was. Well, I hope this helps those who’ve been wondering and frustrated.

    The “Page Links To” plugin worked perfectly for me, and seems to be quite light weight.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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