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  • I enjoy the theme, however, I want to use my own Gallery plugin for visitors to view the images in the gallery. Unfortunately, the default [gallery] points to Pinboard even though I have Jetpack/NextGen Gallery installed and running.

    Does anyone know how to disable Pinboard gallery function?

    Let me know, thanks!

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  • I think that if you go to the functions.php file and comment out the line that says:

    add_filter( 'post_gallery', 'pinboard_gallery_shortcode', 10, 2 );

    that you’ll be able to use the Jetpack gallery plugin instead.

    Hello Stephanie, thank you for the reply.

    I comment out the line, however, whenever I click the images in a post, it goes to the attachment page still.

    Why don’t you try disabling one of your gallery plugins? You probably do not need both Jetpack and NextGen Gallery running. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the plugins were conflicting with the other. Disable one and see if it works.

    I did uninstall nextgen, that one was too much for me. I want a simple gallery display for my images such as Jetpack. I dont mind Pinboard’s lightbox, but want to remove the attachments page unfortunately.

    I guess I’ll keep poking around, I fear its more complicated than I would imagine 🙁

    Are you inserting pictures into posts as galleries (all at once), or are you inserting them individually? If you’re inserting them individually, you should make sure to not link to the attachment page. (And if you want the Pinboard lightbox, then you should uncomment that line I mentioned in a previous post.)

    If I’m right, the gallery functions don’t work when you insert the pictures into posts one by one. See this tutorial.

    Well I usually start a post, then I include the featured image single, then I upload the rest of them together. The post is in STANDARD format and I dont use the GALLERY format template.

    then I insert [gallery] at the end of the post and that’s it. nothing fancy, not sure why it goes into attachments page.

    My next post, I’ll try uploading all them all at once, then choose one as featured.

    I found the way to disable the attachment page.

    [gallery link="file"], but still no dice on getting the Jetpack Carousel code going. But this will do for the time being. 🙂

    How did you do that? I don’t understand it that is code or what? I want to get rid of the attachment page as well and link my gallery images to pages. HELP! PLEEZ!

    Hi Akmdesign,

    In your post (view in HTML and not VISUAL), when you insert the gallery without any tags in the shortcode will automatically have the images go directly to the attachment page. However, if you have it go to the IMAGE, it shows up in the lightbox.

    [gallery link="file" ids="933,934,935,936"]

    @akmdesign, omggimme is right. Can anyone explain what the advantage is in having that link to the stand alone image? I almost always disable it in my posts.

    The Pinboard theme was made for photographers as you can tell by its demo site. The attachment page is great for them because visitors can get a list details (geotag, camera they used, exposure, etc) on the image along with leaving comments.

    For a non-portfolio website, lightbox is the way to go.

    Hi Omggimme,
    Thanks so much for getting back to me! That makes sense now. 🙂 Is there a way to link each gallery image to its own page though? Thanks again for all your help!


    What are you looking for? the lightbox or attachment page? or you can disable the lightbox and just have the image load right into the browser. First you have to make sure your [gallery link="file"]

    and then you have to disable the lightbox in Appearance > Theme Options and uncheck the Lightbox.


    Thanks for getting back to me so soon! Actually, I don’t want the lightbox or the attachment page. I would like the gallery images to each link to their own pages that I create with details about each image.

    So for example, on my homepage I have a gallery of 4 handbags. I want it to work like when you click on one of the handbags from the gallery, it opens to it’s own page where you can get info about the bag and see the various colors, etc. So each of the gallery images (or handbags) has it’s own unique page that it is linked to.

    For reference, here is the site:

    thank you thank you!!! 🙂

    Are you using the static page or recent posts for your main page? To check go to APPEARANCE > THEMES > CUSTOMIZE > on the left STATIC FRONT PAGE and tell me what you have chosen in there.

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