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  • I have a fully running site with a static homepage (

    I need to make a new homepage due to the addition of a new type of product which will be an almost completely separate market. The rest of the site does not need to be changed. My problem is I cannot see what the new page will look like as a home page because it displays as a “normal” page.

    So my home page currently is a full-screen slide show with the menu down one side. Ordinary pages are a background image with a menu on the left and content-box on the right

    The new page needs to be full screen with different slides possibly no menu and 2 large buttons one for “Art” which will lead to a subdomain, and one for photography which will lead to the current home page.

    I create a new page and add buttons – but in preview it is an ordinary page not a homepage (and yes I have set the page to homepage template) – so I cannot set about creating slides, and the buttons appear in a content box on the standard background image.

    When I search for creating a new homepage I just get articles on how to set the homepage to a static page in a new install. I cannot create a copy/development site as my site is huge (over 40gb) due to me offering photos for sale. Is there a relatively easy way to work on a new homepage for an existing site that already has one.

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  • Joy


    You have a custom home page (likely from the theme) so there is no stock answer to give you. You need a custom solution.
    When you go into the Customizer, you should be able to see what your new page looks like as a home page by selecting it. That doesn’t mean that change is published. It’s a preview. If you need to do other things in addition to that change, you will have to do them either before you change the home page selection or on another site.

    One thing you can do is use an empty sandbox for your new stuff. Get it working and looking correct, export it, and import it all at once into your production site. This can be on your computer or somewhere like

    Thank you Joy – I sometimes suspect my way of thinking is not really designed for the technical age lol.

    I will try the customizer without publishing and can hopefully work out how to get stuff looking sort of like I think it should.

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