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  • Please watch this video I made:

    It explains it all.
    I want to use wordpress to host my html code on, so I can use wordpress plugins, but i want to delete all the pages and unused php files of the wordpress theme without collapsing the entire wordpress control panel. Like comments.php, footer.phph, etc…. My site is just 3 html pages, the home page and about page and contact page. How do I delete all the rest of the stuff?

    how can this be done? Which files must I not delete?


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    You can’t use WP without a theme. If you have your own HTML/CSS you might want to look at a theme like Blank Slate or Toolbox – they have little more than basic WP structure so you can incorporate your code more easily. But WP won’t “run” static pages.

    EDIT- I didn’t watch your video so if the above is not pertinent, feel free to ignore it.

    oh, well since I posted this I managed to get static pages to run on wordpress, I just went “Pages” in wordpress and created a page called “About” with the permalink of “”.

    Then I went into file manager in my webhost, and added a new file called “page-about.php” into the wordpress theme file section, and they now show up in wordpress, and I can just paste my code in it. Its working so far.

    It was the recommendation of some guy an another forum. “page-{slug}.php”

    Ya its interesting, I dont understand to much of it, but I like the “child theme” idea, but I ive already got static pages to work that are made of just HTML anyway

    BTW, is this your site: ?

    You may want to give this a read as it involves using elements of WP outside of WP. It may be what you’re looking for:

    @krishna, maybe, why? lol
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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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