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    I’m having problems creating a navigational layout that I desire on my current website: .

    What I don’t understand is whether I should use the WP menu system, page setup, or special plugins. What I’m trying to accomplish is separate pages of categorized, static links that currently reside in my right sidebar. On each page, I want to display 3 columns of sub-categories, with the links that belong to each of those sub-categories.

    I have three problems: the first is that the only categories that the menu system allows me to create on pages are those of Posts (I want a list of Static Link Categories – not the Posts). Secondly, if a current viewer clicks on the main pages (and not a drop-down category) they get a blank page. Thirdly, I’m not sure that I want drop-down menus in my navigational header anyway. I was thinking just a direct link to that page.

    Here’s a website that is something like what I’m after: The problem with that site, is that each page only has that one category, but no subheadings with separate lists of static links. Is it possible to cut portions of another website’s free template and paste it into PressWork’s page setup ?

    Someone please click on my site; try the navigational links; and offer any advice or ideas that you can come up with.

    Thank You

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  • You are asking a lot of things so let’s see if I can deal with them one by one.

    The links in your sidebar current open links to new tabs/windows to pages off your site without warning, a violation of web standards for accessibility. You might want to fix as it caused me a lot of problems trying to figure out what to click and explore ON your site.

    You can use a text widget to manually create a list of links to anything you want, as you have currently done, including posts, Pages, or categories. It won’t update automatically but it will work.

    You can also use the Pages widget and set it to exclude what you don’t want in that list.

    I don’t know what static link categories are – do you mean you wish to put a “Links” Blogroll Widget in your sidebar? You can do that, too. You can also use your Links/Blogroll to create a list of links to whatever you wish, including links to pages on your site.

    The horse site you mention is an aggregator, which is different as it handles content automatically through feed imports. That is why it works and looks like it does.

    I recommend you contact the Theme author to talk to them about customizing the Theme to make it do what you wish it to do exactly.


    Super Thank You, for responding to this post. Your advice is helpful, and I’d like to explain how I ended up with this website as it is. My original idea was to create a simple one-page online Favorites List, of links that I researched and others could use. I was trying to duplicate the Drudge Report template while ignoring news, and focusing on website creation tools. I wasn’t interested in RSS feeds. I was hoping to attract traffic and then set up Affiliate Marketing links. I basically wanted to offer my website as a Bill Board for others to advertise.

    I was looking for Free software to set up my site, and found the WP-Drudge Template. It required the use of WordPress. I used it for several months, but as I learned more about WordPdress, that template didn’t give me all of the options that I wanted. I then moved to the EvoLve theme, and now the current PressWork Framework as a Child Theme.

    The original version 1 of WP-Drudge Template used a Static Link Widget to categorize my outbound links. I purposely set the links to open in a new browser tab in order the force the user to keep an open link to my homepage. I have used updated versions of Firefox & Google Chrome for over 2 years, and always opened all searches in a new tab. Maybe, I made an error assuming that all my viewers would do the same thing.

    Just for my own knowledge, can you send me a link that further explains how I made a Accessibility Standards Violation? Do you have any suggestions as to where, and how, to place “warnings” on my website that would please my viewers? I’m not trying to be smart, the thought just never occurred to me. I appreciate your suggestions, do you have any other ideas that would make my homepage more user-friendly?

    What do you personally NOT like about my website? How about my chosen Header Images? My site has gone through a process of evolution and will continue to do so. Any further ideas from you would be appreciated, but I cannot promise that each and every-one-of-them will be initiated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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