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  • THe last time I used (not .com) there was an interface that I could access with by web browser. The toolbar on left side of page with the dashboard. Now I can’t find out how to access this.

    I registered and it never asked me about my domain or anything related to actually setting up my page.

    How do I get to this?

    The only option I see is to download WordPress. I don’t remember having to do this. I remember just being able to pick a theme and develop it in my browser.

    I’ve clicked everything you can click and there is no option to actually create my page. The best information I can find is a username called @movementbya

    Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    I want to use the interface that looks like this:

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  • You can go to the URL: ‘your_site_url_here/wp-admin’ and then have to login to the site using admin user credentials.


    It sounds like what you used before was, which hosts the site for you. This is, which is for self-hosted sites. It is the same software, but here you have to get a host and a domain, and install the software yourself (or click a button in your host control panel to install it).

    Hi Joy, Can you confirm you clicked the link and saw what the interface looked like? I thought it was .org but very possible I’m wrong. I tried creating a site on .com and it looks different then the link above. It also doesn’t have the same templates.

    Have you tried what I have suggested? Please try to check the URL ‘your_site_url/wp-admin’

    Please just replace ‘your_site_url’ with your site URL/address.


    Yes, I saw your image. It is the wordpress dashboard. You can get that with installing the software provided by or by registering for a site at In the .com scenario, it initially looks different, but you can get to the page that looks like that. Registering here on .org gets you an account to participate in the forums and in contributing on Trac and signing up to contribute on Slack. It does not get you a site with that dashboard.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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