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    Currently I have my blog in a sub directory entitled: blog. How can I make it load from my main website?



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  • Mark (podz)


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    Do you to move all the files, or just make it load ?

    Well, if it will just load and work properly then I suppose I would just want to make it load. I have tried to do this by setting the option in the program to have it load from a different directory. That does not work.

    Should I just install everything in the main directory?



    PS: Just got totally wiped out today while trying to make the changes I have been discussing. Boy I was mad. I lost a lot of post. Any help would be appreciated.

    Are you still trying to install in the root? Did you have anything left to transfer or did you lose it all?

    No-I am not trying to install to root. I lost it all. Here it is. My web hosting providers says my structure is: /var/www/html. This is where my files are suppose to go in a normal web site using html. WordPress advise creating a directory so now I have /var/www/html/blog-and this works fine. But it will not allow me to load from my main web address of, which is what I want.


    And I don’t want to use redirection as I want the best positioning I can get in the search engines.

    This might help you.

    It deals with the issues of moving and installing to the root, and even some other specialized installations.

    Ok, I’ll try that. I mean I’ll just copy everything into the /var/www/html directory which is suppose to be my user “root”. I’ll see what happens.

    Thanks you all for the assist.

    Well that didn’t work. Is there anyway I can edit a file in the wordpress directory to change back by locations settings for the wordpress URI. It want let me back in through word press. I can edit using ftp, but I don’t know what file or line to edit. Otherwise I am going to have to do yet another re-install.


    You need to copy your files into /var/www/html.

    /var/www/html/blog will make your home page show up here:

    instead of here:

    If you have lost everything at this point a clean re-install may be best.

    Okay, I did that. But before I made the previous change I edited the opitions to tell it to look for the uri

    I think wordpress set the parameters for the operations of the program on the orginal installation to /var/www/html/blog. Is there any way to rebuild it short of reinstallation to relfect the new changes?


    If not, I’ll just do a clean install to /var/www/html



    Not sure, that maybe saved in the db somewhere.

    This is for anyone who may have been following this thread and having the same problem. I did a clean install into my user root directory. Every thing is working okay now. I know somewhere I was told to create a sub directory called blog. But if you want you wordpress blog to load from your address, then simply do a new install there. I have no advise if you are trying to juggle between a regular html web site and wordpress.

    Thanks to all those who were willing to take their time and help me with this.


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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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