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  • Technically, one install of WordPress is not capable of running multiple blogs. There is a version especially for this, called WordPress MU, but it is more advanced than WordPress, and is intended for very large sites with lots of blogs, not just a few.

    That said, regular old WordPress does offer a lot of flexibility. You can have multiple users, each could be blogging on the same install of WordPress, using different categories to separate the content of each author.

    If at all possible, I would recommend trying to work with WordPress to keep your content in one install, it will be less trouble and less to manage.

    But it is easy to install WordPress, so your other option is to install a different copy for each blog, each in its own directory.

    Thank you for your help. That explains why I could not find any info on how to create multiple blogs.


    You can create multiple blog on same domain for that you need to install wordpress on 2 separate directories. just like first install wordpress on main directory and then create sub-domain or sub-directory and install wordpress on that. YOu can get live example of it via below mentioned URLs:

    [moderated links]

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    See the video below that illustrates how to create mutiple blogs on a single site using a single database.

    How to Create Multiple WordPress Blogs Using a Single Database

    The first answer to the question in post #1 is: You can easily have mutliple WP installs on your domain. Put each install in its own sub-folder (directory), such as and They can each have their own database, or, they can all share one database if you give each new blog a different database table prefix in your wp-config file before you install each.

    However, it gets to be a pain if you have 10 folders with 10 WP installs. So people have developed various techniques for installing multiple blogs.

    I’ve had success installing multiple blogs, all using 1 set of ordinary WP install files, with this technique called Virtual Multi-Blog. It is awesome.

    Virtual Multiblog for WordPress

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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