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  • I’d like to have links on a page that refer to print driver files on a Win file server (files too large to be allowed on machine running WP)

    How do I do this?

    running WP 3.9

    file server is Win 2008 R2

    thanks in advance for any suggestions the that work.

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  • When you say the files are too large for WordPress, do you mean they just exceed the default 2MB WordPress upload limit set by php?

    I know this doesn’t directly answer your question about linking to files on a network resource from a web-accessible directory, but maybe a safer/more convenient solution can be had.

    Suggestion 1. Have a server admin reset the max_upload_size directive in php.ini (or the equivalent per-site php.ini if applicable) to a size that would accommodate the uploading of your drivers to the WordPress media library.

    Suggestion 2. – And my favorite choice for often downloaded content; Create a dedicated directory in your web-root just for the driver files. Example: – then upload your driver files exclusively to that directory by ftp or whatever means you use, rather than having WordPress upload them to the media library. That way they become very easily manageable, and the path when creating a download link is always going to be

    Thanks for your time and expertise Clayton.

    I have no say over the WP serer, they limit file sizes housed there. I do have a little say on the Win server, hence my desire to house large files there.

    I have seen references to file:// or file:///// or other od schemes, none of which work.

    Is there a plugin that helps?


    The issue might come down to security concerns if you’re in a corporate environment. Depending on who has access to the WordPress site (I’m assuming that in this case it might possibly an intranet only site) your best bet might be to get the IT staff involved, and ask them if they can help accommodate your need to keep file access limited to the web-accessible directories of the WordPress site itself.

    If the WordPress site is open to the general public, I can see where linking to internal network resources may not be a popular choice. Either way, I think your IT staff is probably going to be source for the solution. If they okay the internal network resource links, they should be able to help you set that up. I’m not sure that there is a plugin that would actually help with linking to a network share, though.

    There is a way around this, but it is a bit of a workaround. Have a look at this article that I’ve written about this for my own clients:

    Help! My file is too large to save in WordPress

    Youv’e said that you don’t have any control over the WordPress erver, so look down to the FTP section, and you’ll find the way that I do it. when I’m in the same situation.

    Thanks all for your ideas.

    Clayton, if I could get help from the IT folks in charge of the WP site, I would not be here trying to solve the problem myself.

    catacaustic, I don’t want the file on the WP host, I want it on my local Win file server.

    The WP site is outsourced and remote. I want these large files on my local Win server which has a fat pipe into it.

    It seems I will have to try to solve this without WP.

    If you want it to be hosted on the Windows server you have to make sure that the Windows server is publicly available (to the locations that it needs to be) through the internet. That means that you need to set up that server with IIS (or Apache, etc) with a http:// or https:// method. Any link that starts with file:// won’t work because that’s a local only path, so unless that user is on the server, they won’t get that file.

    So, set up the Windows server as a proper web server, even with only it’s internal IP address, then it will work. Without that, you won’t get a link to the file that you’re after.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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