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    I would like to make a subdirectory of multiple pages for a members area that members can go to and only have to log into one page for all members pages. This way I can add more pages later on a lot easier. It would also be easier to integrate my subscribe button that has paypal generate password and usernames and imputs them into my site.
    Can someone please tell me how to switch exsisting pages over to this subdirectory or subdomain. Not exactly sure on how this works or what kind of directory im looking to use

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  • If you want to have a members only section, you might be better off with a second install of WordPress in a subdirectory or subdomain. Then you could use the very handy Members Only plugin!

    I was thinking of that but realy like the idea of paypal generating the passwords and handling all that. Plus I dont want to have another site that I have to pay hosting and domain for.

    bumpin it up

    You do not need to pay for additional hosting, or another domain name. You just create another database and install a second copy of WordPress on your website, either in a subdomain, like, or in a subdirectory, like, no problem!

    You’re not going to get that much integration with PayPal, and I wouldn’t suggest it anyways, what if you decide to expand beyond PayPal and start accepting credit cards or other forms of payment?

    My suggestion would be to use another great plugin called Register Plus. This enhances your registration process with more options, including invitation codes.

    So Members Only keeps non-members out, and Register Plus keeps those without an invite from signing up. Then you just sell that invite code through PayPal. Of course you may want to change this invite code periodically if you think it may be exploited.

    Or if you are not expecting to sell a huge volume of memberships, you could easily create X amount of invite codes at a time and sell them individually through PayPal, so that everyone has a unique code.

    WP e-Commerce has a Member’s only module that you can use to sell subscriptions, but it is a commercial module, and I haven’t tried it myself so I couldn’t tell you if it is any good.

    That does sound like a lot better way to go as far as getting going quickly on the web pages. I thought I could do that but wasnt sure. Is there a way to make my exsisting pages onto the new site or do I have to start over. What I was looking forward to is the automatic handling of the account through paypal. They handle all subscription passwords, user names, unsubsribe, tracking, lost passwords, so it’s hand off for me. Need to start getting some time back. lol.
    Do any of these other ways have anything close to the hands off after setup aspect.

    Also would like to know if I download a new wp site to a subdomain do I have to stay with version 2.6 or can I use the new version on a subdomain. Dont want to upgrade at this time on the main site.

    Hey scottdubose,

    For some reason I cant find the plugin @extend, but check out this url Its an awesome membership plugin! The best Ive found so far.. It integrates with paypal, click bank and some other merchants aswell, so you can take credit cards! and there’s no need to install anoter wp as it should be able to lock your content as is!
    Only con is its not free, but not that expensive either, I think its worth it!

    P.S. I’m not getting paid for this! Although I think I should! LOL..!
    Hope this helps!

    You want to move all of your pages to the member’s only site, or are you going to have public site too?

    If you just need to move some of your content, the easiest way would probably be to create another editor account just for that content, change the author of all the pages and posts you want to move to this new editor. Then export the content of that editor and import it into the members only site. Of course if you need to move 90% of your content, you might be better off exporting everything and deleting what you don’t need.

    Some of those tasks would be handled right through WordPress, users could request their password if they forget it, and I would imagine there is a plugin for letting users unsubscribe. But if you want something with more automation, you might have to pay for something like WP e-Commerce’s upgrades.

    The second install of WordPress would be totally separate, so you can, and should use the latest version. In fact I’d strongly recommend upgrading your current site as well!

    Jarvis, the reason you can’t find WishList Member in Extend is because it is a closed source, commercial plugin.

    WP e-Commerce is free and open source, that is why it is in Extend, but there are some commercial upgrades for the plugin that are not in Extend…

    Thanks for the info. I am going to use a new site for members like you suggested. I am going to probably use the members only plugin for right now until I can get the paypal buttin going. Need all the automation I can get. I’m also going to make a how to movie of the subject when finnished.

    Thanks for the help. Its realy helping alot. Now if I could just get this kind of help from paypal I would be doing great.

    No problem Scott, best of luck!

    why not set the blog and allow people to register, or register with moderation, and mark the pages and posts you want “members only” to “private?”

    that could effectively add new nav menu items that only show up when people are logged in.

    I have been reading the posts and it has solved most of my probs. However, I run a gardening business and in conjunction with a members only area I want to create a protected profile of each members garden but I am unsure how to do it without asking for passwords all the time.



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