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    NOTE: I originally sent this query via the Weaver Theme website. I’m adding it here to get a reply, in case I should have used the forum.


    I’m creating a totally stagnant site using the Weaver II theme. I’m considering the purchase of Weaver II Pro, but before I do, I need to know if I can suppress the blog feature on EVERY page, including the home page and replace the plugins on the right navigation of the template.

    I believe these concerns are not appropriate for the Forum because they’re directed to the paying version of this theme. However, if you think they are, I’ll use the forum.

    I look forward to your timely reply so I can get back to my client asap. Site is in very early development:

    Thanks for your time!


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  • You can post here, but the developer won’t likely see it 🙂



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    To get rid of the default WordPress blog, read the FAQ article on the weaver Forum about controlling your home page.
    You need the proper settings in Settings > Reading (static front page, and NO post page selected)

    I am not sure about what you mean by “replace the plugins on the right navigation”.
    As a general rule Everything is customizable in Weaver, so I am pretty sure it will, but if you can be more specific I can confirm.
    If you meant get rid of what is in the right sidebar, yes, these are simple default widgets. Go to appearance > Widgets, open the various sidebar widget areas on the right to find where they are and remove the widget.
    If you meant remove the whole sidebar, yes, choose a different layout in Main Options > Layout

    Moving forward, the Weaver Forum will be a much more responsive way to get support

    Thanks for your answers. After poking around, I did find the solutions to both the static page and sidebars. The support on the Weaver II Admin section in WP is incredible.

    I’ll check out

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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