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  • WP: v.2.0

    I’m attempting to construct a sortable archive page. I’ve been searching through the forums for the past two hours looking for how-tos or plugins to achieve this, and so far I’ve found very little that does what I’m after. My theory on my lack of success is that I’ve just not been looking for the right information. Eitherway, I’ll mention what I’m after then include what I *think* is the solution, and last I’ll ask for help 🙂

    I’m trying to alter the archive so that the articles are sortable based up what I believe WP calls “custom fields.” My aim is to archive video game reviews and allow them to be sortable based upon the fields: name, date, platform (pc, ps2, xbox, etc), and rating (a decimal value: 6.5, etc).

    I’m wondering if the road I need to travel is to create the appropriate custom fields with the afore mentioned “keys”, then insert the appropriate “values” for each review/article. As for sorting them, I was thinking this ( ) might be the instruction I need. However given the volume of reading envolved I was wondering if anyone might confirm my assumption before I potentially waste a lot of time on it.

    Also, if anyone has done something similar to what I’m after or knows of a better way to do it… I’m all ears (so to speak).


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  • The display I’m looking for would resemble:

    |Title |Platform |Date |Rating |
    |Mario Kart |N64 |10/10/02 |7.5 |
    |Madden 07 |Xbox 360 |12/01/06 |5.5 |

    The display is obviously not going to look like that, but that is the format I’m after which each column being sortable.

    I don’t know for sure, but some plugins that might give you ideas are: WP-Movie Reviews (sorts by Rating, Title)… and Search Custom Fields plugin

    Thanks Dgold, I’ll have a look at them. I read through the details and descriptions for both pluggins; while they don’t sound like they do what I’m after who knows? I’ll let everyone know if they do what I’m after or not. In the meantime, if anyone has any other ideas, I’m very eager to hear them.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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