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  • I’ve been working for the last few hours to completely overhaul an existing theme, replacing basically everything with my own CSS and XHTML.

    The last step is to have the Index page for the blog link to an Archive page, so that the user can view all posts I’ve made (not an entry with a list of recent posts…I want ALL POSTS listed on a single page, with no other content).

    Do I create a “page” in the manager, and then add in some sort of PHP while loop that pulls all posts? Or is there a built-in way of doing this that I just haven’t figured out yet?


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  • Just to clarify…I see the code in the SIDEBAR that lists out the archive info by month.

    But my blog is fictional, and it doesn’t follow real time, so I don’t want posts to be designated as having been created on actual days this year. I just want a list of all the posts, no date, no date associations.

    Maybe after I’ve gotten six straight hours of sleep I’ll have the mental facility to figure this out on my own.

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