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  • The following code is in my sidebar.php file and displays an additional couple of items in the side bar only on the home page. Problem is I used Filosofo to make a more static page my home page. And my blog, which used to be the home page, is now another page all together. Filosofo is working fine, but because I have a different front or home page, the side bar info that is supposed to be in the sidebar of my blog is displaying ont the new home page. I want the following to call the blog page, not the front page. I tried several things, but can not get it to work.

    <?php /* If this is the frontpage */ if ( is_home() ) { ?>
    if(get_links(-1,”, ”,”, false, ‘name’,false,false,-1, false, false)){

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  • Well, I have tried a while more and I can not get it. Frustrating! All I want is for the blocks “blogroll” and “meta” to show on the blog page instead of the front, home page. ARRRGGG!

    I’m taking a break to clear my addled brain, If anyone has an idea or suggestion, I would really appreciate it.


    Figured out that I don’t actually need this plug in with the latest version of WP as it’s functions are built in! But I learned a bit more trying to get it to work. Oh well.

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