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How do I correct error with HTML

  • I found this on page source & need to know how to change the number “1” on the end of the string to “20” like it was before I stupidly changed it thinking I was answering a different question.
    I imagine this is a no brainer for most people here but not for me. I’m learning a little every day so bear with me.
    This is from the edit post page <label for=’edit_per_page’>Posts per page:</label> <input type=’text’ class=’screen-per-page’ name=’wp_screen_options[value]’ id=’edit_per_page’ maxlength=’3′ value=’1′ />

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  • I think you want this:

    Admin -> Settings -> Reading


    That was suggested but when I go there the only thing I see to change is the “Blog pages show at most posts”. If I change that I get more than 1 blog on each page. I’m trying to change the edit post page to show more than the 1 post it shows so that its no so hard to edit.
    Do you know how to change the HTML string I put in my first post to reflect 20 edit_per_page from a value=1 to a value=20 like it originally was?


    Oh… Yeah, no.

    You can’t do that. I mean, I’m sure you could hack the core to do that, but I’m 99.999% sure that would break other things when you try to save.

    When I need to edit multiple posts, I just run multiple tabs for a while.


    I seem to have a problem expressing what I’m trying to do. Can you tell me how to see the HMTL of the “edit post page”. It seems like a simple question but must not be. It’s really strange I can change the default number on that page but can’t change it back to the way it was. I guess I’ll have to give this line of asking up & try something else.

    What’s the URL of the page?

    Don’t worry if it’s in your admin. I wont’ be able to get in but I WILL be able to see if you’re asking me how to hack the core or not.

    ETA Okay try this.

    Go to your Edit post page and look for this: http://img294.yfrog.com/img294/9435/boxclosed.png

    Click on what I circled.

    You should see this: http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/7386/boxopened.png

    Make your changes.


    That worked thank you very much. When I did that before all I did was tell it to put more posts on each page.
    Now that you straightened that out for me could you tell me why the sidebar is only appearing on the first page instead of all of them? It did it at first then I guess I told it not somehow or other.
    Thanks again for the edit post fix.


    It looks like you fixed it. All I did was change the posts on a page when I did it.
    You have a magic touch so maybe you can help me figure why the sidebar only shows on the first page rather than all of them like its supposed to.


    Sorry looks like I goofed again with the double.

    why the sidebar only shows on the first page rather than all of them like its supposed to.

    Theme or admin side? 🙂


    I would assume admin side as I’m using the Kubrick default theme. How do I tell?

    I mean: Is it on the public side of your website or the wp-admin side where only you go?

    That said, your answer gave me mine.

    That’s how Kubrick is designed. Since Kubrick is a ‘default’ theme, and any changes you make to it will be overwritten every time WP updates, you can either make a new theme based on Kubrick to change, or you can download another theme that has what you want.

    If you’re new to all this, I’d suggest using an existing theme: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/


    It looks like finding out quite a bit. Thanks.
    When you say use another theme that has what I want do you mean that it will show the sidebar on all post for instance. I’m new at this so which one would you suggest to achieve what I’m trying to do? If I choose another theme will it go without changing all my present content?

    When you say use another theme that has what I want do you mean that it will show the sidebar on all post for instance.

    Pretty much. I mean you should find a theme that shows the sidebar on all pages.

    And it won’t hurt your content 🙂 Themes can be changed without touching content. That’s why WordPress rocks.


    OK that looks like the best course of action for me to quit bothering you guys and wasting time. Thanks a lot for your help I really appreciate it.


    I feel like I finally learned something after I did what you had suggested earlier about changing the sidebar. I did it & it works. Now I’ll check on another theme. Thanks for all your help.

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