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  • I’m coming from Dreamweaver and yes, even raw html file editing, so by far the most natural workflow for me is to do all the real work with a website on my local PC and then when satisfied, upload the files comprising the site to a live hosting server with LAMP.

    Is that even possible with WordPress? I see that it is possible to install a WordPress site locally on Windows 7, but there is little if any mention of how to transfer a local installation to a live server. Is that difficult? Maybe I’m being really old-fashioned here, but why does nobody seem to actually work that way with WordPress?

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  • The process is the same — you edit your files locally, test them, and if you’re happy with them, you can upload them to your server.

    It’s not really a WordPress-specific issue to keep your local and live site in sync; it’s more a general workflow issue (regardless of what platform you use).

    What you might want to look into in though, is this:
    It basically talks about moving the entire site from one server to another, so if you consider your local environment a server, maybe that link will help you a little.

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