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  • Hi, Your products are stored in your WordPress MySql database in a table called wp_posts along with some other stuff that you probably want to keep. Orders are in another table. You could delete the products using phpMyAdmin to edit the database (unsafe method), delete the products before deleting WooCommerce or look for a plugin for the job.

    i deleted woocommerce also deleted its pages plus tables from the database. but when i reinstalled that every thing came back but not the pages that woocommerce downloaded first time i need those pages what can i do?

    Admin page > WooCommerce > System status > Tools tab > “Install pages” button.

    sorry but this didn’t work. i don’t know why…

    OK no worries. i recovered pages from trash. Thanks. Please tell me how can I ask my own question on > Support > Forums > choose the forum in which you wish to post > login > scroll down to the bottom of the page for the new topic form.

    @lorro Thanks for your original help, it was a god send.

    @danish If you’re happy with @lorro‘s reply I will lose this thread.

    Yeah. great thanks… 🙂

    @danish – By the way I kept on running into these kinds of issues all the time, so then I set-up XAMPP (a WAMP stack) on my personal computer and on top I installed WordPress and WooCommerce.

    Any updates or changes I plan to make to a website, I first apply to the local host and I test the changes thoroughly. Once I am happy everything is OK I then make the same changes to the live web server.

    This separation of development environment from production environment allows me to roll back any changes and to undo mistakes without tampering/affecting an up and running website. Its a gamble to apply an update and to hope it will work successfully every time.

    I admit there is a bit of legwork to set-up a local development environment (1 days work) but it sure pays dividends in the long run. (Many days & stress saved.)

    @lordliverpool thanks a lot bro. very helpful of you… yes this seems little time taking but it saves a lot of time indeed.
    Thanks again this is very useful technique…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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