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  • hi, loving this theme but find it frustrating that I can’t find any settings to change the length of time between slider changes. any ideas?

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  • I really would like an answer to this as well. I’ve done a word search throughout the theme folder and could only find a couple of instances where slide speed was mentioned. Changing those has had no effect. Can anyone resolve this?

    I Just started using these theme too, its cool but same problem as above. Solution would be nice.

    after reading a post somewhere by the theme designer, i DID solve this by logging on to my host (NOT wordpress) & finding a folder within the root wordpress one. might have been the ‘theme’ folder as mentioned above, but basically it entailed opening the jquery file & adjusting a number in the text. played around with this a few times until I got the right timing for me, think it might have been around 12,000…

    sorry I’m SO illiterate when it comes to WP, but hope this might help 🙂

    So you just changed the slider duration directly in the slider folder?

    Well, not the clean way, but it works.

    Better would be a change of duration in the function which calls the slider. However I couldn’t get a hold of a how-to

    it’s the only way to do it, according to the designer. there IS no slider function, something I think should be considered very seriously in any upgrades! 😉

    I tried to edit the “jquery.cycle.all.js” file, it does not seem to work, can someone provide detail instructions on where to make the changes so the slider delays to like 10 seconds or does not auto slide?

    I am a beginner. thanks

    I’m not a programmer at all, but with some trial and error I managed.
    In the Application folder -> JS -> jquery.custom.js If you edit the Timeout value (in ms) it should do the trick.
    You can also edit other values, such as the fx or delay.
    For some reason, Chrome doesn’t show the result after a refresh. Firefox worked better for testing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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