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    Hi again out there.
    I have made a new blog, and installed the theme: “Modularity Lite 1.2” by Thad Allander. This theme will work well in the plans I have for this blog.
    But there is a problem.
    The theme has a “slideshow” on the “frontpage”
    I need the slideshow, but I want to change the pictures with some of my own.
    The question is: How do I change the pictures in the slideshow:Best regards

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    thats a paid theme, so hard for us to give you support here. The theme should either have a help/readme file, or you should be able to login to their support forum

    What is a “paid theme”?

    Best regards

    oh sorry, I was looking at the tag you put in on the right, and didn’t read your post properly…. I thought you were using the full Modularity thame, which is a paid theme, you have to buy it, and we can’t support those well.

    But now I see you are using Modularity Lite, which is free… bad
    is the support forum if you sign up

    But, looking at your theme, I see in the images folder another folder called slideshow, I would think if you put your images in there, they become part of the slideshow

    Thank you so much Rev.Voodo 🙂
    I will try this out.
    Good to have people like you out there 🙂

    Best regasrds

    Glad to help. You would need to use either ftp software, or a file manager if your host offers one, to upload your images to that slideshow folder

    I have tried to get into contact with but without, but it do not semms to work.
    And I have tried to find the images folder and the sldeshow folder, but was not able to find it. Could you please tell me where I can find this folders. It is of course important for me to have my own pictures in the slideshow:-)

    best regards

    I have signed up on the suport forum for this theme, but it dont looks like they give suport to the free theme. If it is so that it is not possible to change the pictures in the free theme, I probably have to look for another. It is sad, because the theme looks good.

    I abandoned the Modularity and went for the Constructor 1.2.1 theme.
    This will hopefully solve my problems.

    best regards

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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