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  • I desperately need to change the default bulleted package options on my listing packages page. The people/businesses I am going to be selling these things to won’t care so much about the HTML Descriptions, Multiple Categories, File Uploads, and Google Maps options. That stuff is just techno mumbo jumbo that really has little to do with what the merchants in my directory are buying. Basically, they are buying a listing in the directory AND physical copper and silver barter tokens (coins) to spend with the other merchants in the directory. What I need to list as package options is stuff like 1oz. Silver rounds, 0.5oz silver rounds, 0.1oz silver rounds, 1oz. copper rounds, and 0.5oz copper rounds., NOT file uploads, and Google Maps. I need to be able to list each type of token AND how many of each token the listing buyer is entitled to with his/her purchase of the listing. You can see what I am talking about specifically at .

    Thanks in advance for any help on this. It may be a simple fix, but this really has me stumped.

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  • The only workaround I have been able to figure on this is to create a bunch of custom fields specifically for each bullet point and turn on and off the field for each package offering. This will work, I think, but it’s an incredibly messy way to get what I am looking for AND it doesn’t remove that techno mumbo jumbo at the top of the package offering boxes.

    I’d really rather delete that default stuff at the top and have one field for each type of token, along with a quantity attached to it along the lines of how they do the number of file uploads that are allowed.

    Nevermind that workaround idea. It looks horrible, because I can’t hide it completely out of the the other packages. It shows up in all of them with either a green check mark or a red X.

    if DirectoryPress is anything like shopperpress (in that it’s a premiumpress theme) it not only doesnt support much in the way of customisation.. but also means you tend to void any tech support help you can get if you do change anything in the core files..

    from my (fairly extensive) shopperpress development.. you’re probably going to need to change core files that relate to the default post custom fields.. and either add some of your own.. or replace the ones they have (probably easier)

    it’s not a simple one click solution unfortunately 🙁

    haxxxton, Thanks a ton for your quick input. I kinda figured that’s the direction this was headed, but I am completely open to the idea that I am just an idiot who missed the easy way to fix the problem. In fact, I was kinda hoping that would be the case.

    🙁 sorry to disappoint.. the guys at tech support for premiumpress are super friendly.. and if you do end up wanting something they dont support at the moment.. they generally get you to submit a feature request, so that in future releases they might implement it

    similarly, if you work out some code to do what you want.. share it with them on the forums.. as other people are generally interested.. ive had some of my funky cart stuff put in place from doing the same 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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