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  • hi guys, how can i change the blog title so that it all shows up in lowercase letters? for example i want it to be “picture this” instead of “Picture this” in the blog title. even if i write it in lower case it shows up on the blog as “Picture this” any help appreciated. thanks

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  • whooami



    we dont read mind here. please, if you want specific help, provide a url to a page that demonstrates what it is that you need help with.

    i think my post made that very clear with the example that i gave. here is a link to my page though:

    the blog title reads: Haveplentymusic. I want is to read haveplentymusic instead.




    i think my post made that very clear with the example that i gave.

    no you didnt, you asked the equivalent of this.

    I dont like the color of my pants, so i am going to buy another color. What color ought I buy?

    onto the answer.

    In that theme’s type.css you will find this line:

    h1{font-size:5em; letter-spacing:-0.03em; font-weight:800; font-style:normal; text-transform:capitalize}

    you want to change that, so that it reads like this:

    h1{font-size:5em; letter-spacing:-0.03em; font-weight:800; font-style:normal;}

    No-one could have provided that info without seeing that theme.

    sorted. thank you!

    Please help somebody. Brand new to WordPress. I need to change the alignment, font size and color of my blog title. It looks so ridiculous.

    My site is:

    Where do I find this in the css?

    Also, I just changed my theme and the “Tag” section in the left sidebar is all out of position. Is there a simple way to fix that?

    Thanks a million. Really. I hope I gave enough info.

    If not, please kill me kindly.

    Ms C

    I checked deeper into css and found how to change the font color from that horrible orange to black. But still need to right-justify the blog title.

    And the “Tags” link section in left sidebar still goofed up.

    Thanks for any help.

    Never mind about this. I decided to change the theme.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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