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How do I change the Blog Title Link

  • greencode


    I’d like the Blog Title Link, in the top left corner, to link to my site’s homepage and not my blog’s homepage. Is there any way to specify this?

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  • greencode


    I’ve figured out how to do this my manually editing the header.php file of the theme but is this the only way to do it?

    buddha trance


    I believe it’s the only way to do it.



    greencode HOW did you do that? I tried another way and lost access to my blog and can’t edit anything anymore..



    Hi, apologies for the delay in getting back to you – I don’t seem to be getting instant notifications! Oh well, back to the matter at hand:

    If you look in your theme’s root folder you’ll see a file called “header.php”, open this file in a text editor. In between the H1 tags there should be something like this:

    “<?php bloginfo(‘siteurl’); ?>”

    I simply changed this to:

    “my site name dot com”

    and that then changes the link. I think you did it through the Settings section in your wp-admin section on WP. That’s what I did and lost the ability to edit or do anything with the blog. If that’s still the case then can you access phpmyadmin through your cPanel? If so do this:

    Enter phpmyadmin
    > Select your database
    > Click browse on the wp-options table
    > Edit the siteurl to your previous location.

    Hopefully all of that should help you.

    I was twisting my head around a pole and found this thread. Thanks. My head has been rescued.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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