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  • Hehe. You could at least heed your own advice by scanning the first page of threads…

    There’s an answer from 12 hours ago:


    You win the cognitive rationalization prize (it’s your job to relay the thought).

    I was trying to make an example as to how rude it is…not to read all of the previous posts…before creating a duplicate or triplicate.

    I’m going to do it again.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    By creating these useless threads you are making it more plausible for people not to read all of the previous threads regarding the subject.

    Some people don’t search the forum before they post. It happens often for whatever reason. All you need to do is refer them to the answer by providing the URL(s) to the resolved thread(s).

    @shapeshifter 3 – we do close duplicate threads – meaning the same person posting the same question in more than one place.

    It’s not necessarily considered a duplicate to ask a question that has been asked before – BUT, it IS preferable for people to search/look for the same question before asking it again.

    There are other reasons why threads are closed or deleted – for example

    And yet, I got deleted for trying to set an obnoxious example to show other members the results of adhering to that mindset.

    If you want to help out, don’t be rude (yes you were). And if you have a question, ask ONCE and include a link to your site for CSS questions.


    I was PURPOSEFULLY RUDE to get an audience to pay attention to a thread that I tried to start, back 2 weeks ago. I have several questions for you:

    How do we get NEW users of the Customizr Theme to attempt to go through the current forum threads, BEFORE they post a question that may have been previously resolved?

    Is it possible to have the Core Developers of WordPress(.org) add a Search Bar to the top of each Theme Forums page, as an incentive for New Users to easily search for a answer to their question, INSTEAD of repeating the past?

    Can you think of a BETTER solution to reduce the number of pages created in any individual Theme’s Forums?

    “Purposefully rude” will get deleted – that’s not a good way to get help here.

    If you have questions/suggestions about the forums, you can post them in the appropriate forum here:

    Requests and Feedback

    How do we get NEW users of the Customizr Theme to attempt to go through the current forum threads, BEFORE they post a question that may have been previously resolved?

    You never will. It’s a universal law of bulletin boards. Faced with as few as eight pages of posts to wade through and a deadline to meet, it’s nearly always quicker (unfortunately!) to re-ask the question. Think “King Canute and tides” if you try to stop it.

    We still teach kids in school, even though all the lessons have already been given in the past. New people need new answers. I just try to be helpful and pay back the help that others give me when I’m not able to read through all the history, for whatever reason.


    Thanks for your response. That was a concise, rational, and thoughtful explanation of the reason for my irritation. I also appreciate your sense of humor in your first response to this thread. Sorry, I picked on you.

    I’ve re-entered my second question to WPyogi above in the “Requests and Feedback” forum:

    Maybe something will come of it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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