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    How can i change the font colour (and size) of the tagline in zenon lite? Its grey now but would like black (or to be able to try others). I’ve looked but couldnt find out how to change the tagline

    the website is

    Not sure if i should start a different thread for this but on the slider there is a thin line behind and below the pictures that shows up as they move. Not a massive problem but a bit annoying…

    Thanks again

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  • To change color of tagline, add this to your custom css:

    .desc {
        color: #FF0000;

    Be sure to change the hex color… as I’m pretty sure you won’t want red. I just wanted to make it apparent so you know if the change takes.

    The reason your images appear “wonky” in the slider is because you are using different dimensions on each image. Does your theme suggest a “best dimensions” for slider images?

    thanks for helping. Where abouts do i put this code though? In the style.css ? I tried it at the bottom but that doesnt work and cant find a tagline section to edit in all the text so i guess im in the wrong area. Don’t think i have a custom css page either if thats where.

    Ill try to get even images then. Yeh, it has a best dimensions, i just need to get better quality images so i can scale them together. Thanks for that too.

    Thanks again

    No worries.

    Regarding your custom CSS changes… it’s best to use a child theme.

    But, you can also use a plugin.

    Thanks for that. Ive just used the plug in and its working nicely. Ill try to sort out a child theme soon but bit rushed at the moment to get my head round it all…

    Do you know the code to change the size of that tagline as well please?
    Then im sorted for now. Thanks

    Just add a font-size to the code I gave you above. Something like this should work:

    .desc {
        color: #FF0000;
        font-size: 24px;

    Great! Thanks for your help.

    My pleasure!

    Looks much better 🙂

    hi i want to do the same
    i actually want to change the blocks color my website is like where the contact and links are on i want this white but am stuck. i never used plugins either do i just go to plug in and search for it?
    thank you

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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