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    I am using the Admired Theme and have created a child theme. I wanted to increase the size of the image I placed in the header. Here is a link to my site.

    I added the code below to the child theme style sheet and modified the width and height. Nothing happened.

    #header-logo {
    position: relative;
    width: 1010px;
    height: 105px;

    Did I do something incorrect?

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  • Don’t know why the rest of my post is a link?? Anyway the link is to my site. Thanks.



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    to add a link, it is best to write the link text first, then highlight it and click the ‘link’ button to add the link url

    the image is a (small) background image:
    and background images do not (without extra css, and then only in modern browsers) scale to the size of the container.

    try to use a larger image as a header logo in the theme options.

    I uploaded a larger image and still nothing happened. There has to be a way to increase the width and height of the header image as defined by the theme.



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    in the ‘admired options’ for the ‘header options’ ‘custom log’, try and persist to enter this image:

    scroll down and click the ‘save all changes’ button

    I did upload and “install” using custom logo with the theme options and nothing happened. That is what I meant by uploaded.



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    I had a bit of trouble with that as well to get the full size image into the logo (although I did not work with a child theme);
    for instance, check that the image is set to ‘full’ size …

    possibly post the question in the direct support section of the theme:
    (scroll down to the input form)

    or force the full size header logo image by adding this to style.css of your child theme:

    #header-logo{ background: url( no-repeat!important;}

    remember to clear the browser cache by pressing ‘reload’ or ‘ctrl f5’ …

    I did post on the theme support page. From the look of the comments there, there is not a great deal of support going on. People who have posted recently are not getting much in terms of replies.

    Thanks for the help.

    Finally fixed it.

    Hey eknight74,
    Would you mind telling me how you were able to fix your problem.
    Im having the same problem now.



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    post the question in the direct support section of the theme:

    Please post there and include a link to your site.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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