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  • my blog is at

    im going through my .php files on my server and cant find any file where I can edit even the word “pages” on my right sidebar.

    i would ultimately would like to do things such as add icons instead of text for my facebook links and hide my archies and categories on another page like my friends blog at

    any tips would help greatly thanks!

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  • Have you tried to setup widgets for the sidebar? You can add and remove whatever you want, and include a custom text box where you can put anything you want.

    oh? never heard of those. im pretty dumb when it comes to all this really. i know my html though, but thats about it. ill go search out those widgets thanks for the lead!

    mmm maybe you can point me in a direction of one of those widgets. been combing through the widgets and am not seeing anything useful yet. thanks!

    in version 2.5

    Dashboard > Design > Widgets

    I have a question about this too. since you get 2 widgets by default when you install the script ( Links and Meta widgets ) Can we remove the meta widget ?

    well i know where to find my installed widgets but Madcore was talking about (i think) a widget or an addon that helps you easily customize your sidebar.

    i dont want my meta there either, who cares about the meta links other than me! it just makes the blog more unneedingly cluttered

    Be sure you backup your theme files before you make any modifications

    Look to see what files your theme includes – there may be one called “sidebar.php” (some 2-sidebar themes put the code for both sidebars into one file, some use separate sidebar-left and sidebar-right files)….

    This should be the file you’ll want to modify. If you’re not sure of what code to put there in place of what you have, you can do two things:

    1. Find a theme that has sidebars exactly how you want the sections to be and copy those code snippets into your sidebar where you want them – don’t copy the whole sidebar.php file as it may contain CSS styles that aren’t in your stylesheet – you want just the snippets of code that display what you want;

    2. Post as clearly as possible what exactly you want to do and maybe some nice coder will post code for you to copy & paste;

    Either way editing your theme file carries a risk of messing it up if you don’t know what you’re doing, hence the backup.

    ah thanks for the start tips!

    my current theme is just using the standard theme that came first (the white page with the gradient baby blue banner) on the blog when i first installed it. i just modified it to what it looks like right now.

    i really like the setup of these photographers with the links up top
    BUT i am thinking this way listed below is easier(?)

    heres what im looking to do for all you coders who can help me out a bit while i go searching for stuff in other themes i can steal.
    1. hide my archive list. users will have to click on the word “archive” to get a list of past months
    2. change the word “pages” to “About” and to add “Contact” under the current “About”
    3. add icons instead of links to my facebook, website, blah blah.
    4. hide my meta links from all public people, ill sign in using my wp-login.php link.

    no one knows i guess! anyone?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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