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  1. MGEvents
    Posted 2 years ago #

    hello folks i am new to this so if you could please help me change my logo
    http://www.mcduffgoldman.com. i would really appreciate
    thank you

  2. Your logo is right here - http://mcduffgoldman.com/wp-content/themes/mcduffgoldman/images/logo.jpg
    I would just save that image and then make a new one the same size. Upload the new one on your ftp, ensuring that it's called the same thing.

    If the name and size are the same, then you should just see the new one on refresh.

  3. MGEvents
    Posted 2 years ago #

    hi Christine and thank you for replying. i just had to look up how to log into my ftp ( which i successfully did) and now i am ready to change the logo...so thank you very much
    * would like to ask something else if you don't mind what is the maximum size that is allowed to add logo on header i see the logo here now is 300 by 50 can i add a logo which is 350 by 52? and would it affect? and how?

  4. I'm not really sure, I would suggest that you try it and see. 2px is not that much.
    You might need to adjust the css, but that should be easy.

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