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  • I’m new to wordpress and I’m making an anime site. My question is, how do I change my categories page to look like this:

    Also, at the bottom of each video, there is video info, report broken video, share this video with others and share and enjoy.

    What are those? Are they plugins? I have installed all in one SEO Pack and WP-postratings. What else should I install to make my page look like that?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • esmi


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    You’ll either need to use the same theme or edit your theme’s category.php file. If you don’t have a category.php file, you’ll need to create one (making a copy of index.php and renaming that copy as ‘category.php’ is usually a good way to start).

    In terms of editing, you’ll need to ensure that the category pages only list the posts titles, the associated comment count and the categories for that post.

    With regards to the extra info at the foot of each single post, there are a number of sharing plugins in the Plugin Directory. It’s just gong to be a case of searching and identifying which plugins best fit your needs.

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